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  • Your trusted technology solution partner

    Shall we start with the technology you are looking for here?

  • Your trusted technology solution partner

    Shall we start with the technology you are looking for here?

About Our Agency

Your Trusted Technology Partner for Business

You can always stay informed about emerging technologies and keep up with innovations! But have you really chosen the right technology for your company?
  • IoE+ MES solutions that are accurate and add value to your company.
  • Cloud solutions that are reliable and take the system load of your business
  • We take your company to the next level with mobile applications.
  • We provide expert software developer support for your full-time and call-based software development.
  • We offer you the best service in your system and IT management.
  • With our cyber security department, you are more peaceful and secure at night...
“You'll get us the best
our customers recognize us, please ask them about us”
Ceo- Ender Öztürk
Offering Services

We Offer Privileged Technology Service

MES - Production Tracking.

IoE+ Mes Portal, our production tracking and monitoring system that we have developed in line with the MES needs of factories, will meet all your needs.

Software Development

Unique software development services for companies. We write your software solutions you need together with you.

IT Services

We offer 24/7 service with System Support Specialists within our company for your IT support needs in your company.

Automation Soluitons

We design and manufacture Poke-Yoke, Assembly, Finishing and your mechanical, electronic and software needs in your existing machine park.
Why Choose Us

Our Core Values And

  • integrity
  • obejectives
  • excellence
  • Customer Data Protection
  • Clear and open communication
  • Reliable Service Approach
  • Ethical Business Practices
We prioritize the principles of honesty and transparency when creating solutions for our customers' needs. Our software and production tracking systems represent one of the most reliable technologies in the industry, providing our customers with clear information every step of the way.

Digital Strategy
Benefits of the solution
  • Personalized Solution Plans
  • Setting Achievable Goals
  • Continuous Improvement and Development
  • Successful Innovation

Each of our customers is unique and we set specific, measurable goals for each of them and offer innovative and personalized solutions to achieve these goals. With our IT and cyber security solutions, we enable companies to achieve their technology-driven goals.

Digital Strategy
Financial Services
  • Premium Quality Software and Services
  • Continuous Technological Innovation
  • Customer Satisfaction Orientation
  • Attention to Detail for Perfection
Excellence is a core value that is integrated into every aspect of the technological solutions and services we offer. We aim to not only provide our customers with the best software and production tracking systems, but also to be the industry leader in IT and cyber security.

Premium Quality
Customer Satisfaction
  • 01 We Listen to Your Needs. First, we determine the technologies you need in your company. While doing this, we collect all your data to produce a perfect solution with field analysis.
  • 02 Planning and Projecting With the data we have collected and after the field work we have done, we make our evaluation with our team for the most accurate infrastructure that will be the solution to your needs.
  • 03 Development and Outcome After the meetings and analyzes we have made, we meet your needs with our software that we have completely customized for you, and we implement your project after the field testing process.

    We reinforce our pioneering role in digital transformation with advanced cloud solutions and innovative mobile applications. By increasing the efficiency and accessibility of businesses, we ensure business continuity anytime, anywhere.

  • The Future

    01" Scalable Cloud Infrastructures...

    02" Secure Data Storage and Backup...

    03" User-Oriented Mobile Application Development...

Core Features

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New Features

Security Managment

In the modern business world, security management is a top priority. We offer state-of-the-art solutions in data protection and network security, ensuring that our customers' valuable information is always safe.

Customer strategy

Our customer-centric approach is based on understanding the needs and expectations of each customer. With our customized solutions, we make it easier for our customers to achieve their business goals and offer them the opportunity to stay one step ahead of the competition.

seo & Content Writting

To increase the visibility of your digital presence, we offer our expertise in SEO and content writing. With search engine optimization and compelling content, we strengthen your brand's online reputation.

analytic optimization

Data is the foundation for the right decisions. With our analytical optimization tools and services, we enable our customers to create value from piles of data. With our business intelligence solutions, we remove the smokescreen in front of decision makers.

digitals products

With our innovative digital products, we digitize our customers' business processes. From production tracking systems to IT infrastructures, each product represents the best of technology and plays an indispensable role in the transformation journey of companies.


Our cloud technologies simplify companies' data management and facilitate strategic decision-making with powerful data analytics. With our mobile application solutions, we increase customer interaction and offer an always connected and active user experience.
Offering Services

We Provide Exclusive
Digital Service

Finance & Accounting Director

Hanife Öztürk

Cyber Security & Siber Zeka Owner

İlker Alkara

Full-Stack Senior developer

Onur Yıdlırım

System Engineer & Arman Group Owner

İbrahim Şen

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